spring is here

William made a lovely picture with the button box whilst sitting on my lap when I was sewing. He said the yellow buttons were a bee’s house and all the white ones were a polar bear. 
What a difference the weather can have. A bit more sun and my outlook on life and the everyday hum drum is much more positive. It feels like there is so much more time to get things done and so much more energy in the air. With that feeling in mind here is a round up of what William and I have been doing this week. 

We tried a new recipe this week ‘salted peanut cookies’ they were very good and didn’t hang around for long

Flowers from the garden. So nice to have some colour!

Caramel baked cheesecake from a hairy bikers recipe

cheese cake close up

 I was also given a lovely gift this week from a friend at school a batch of german friendship sourdough cake mix. I am currently tending and keeping warm. Hoping to bake it next weekend. If it turns out well I will post photos. x

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