A sneaky peek at my study

After sharing with you some of the items I have on display in my bedroom I thought I might show you some of the things I look at most often. Items from my study. Although when I say study I really mean the corner I have carved out for myself in the playroom. One desk and one shelf is all I am limited to.

As you can see I am already overflowing on the shelf and should really think about curbing my craft magazine addiction. The other photos are some more of my Dad’s work which I have sat next to each other in the windowsill as I think their colours really complement each other and my favourite colour is blue.

He really is a talented artist, he can paint in both water colour and oils and makes beautiful ceramics. I should really find somewhere better to show these off then stuffed up in the playroom. However I do get to look at them a lot and enjoy them so I suppose that’s all that really matters.

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