A twist on a classic

Hello, it seems like all we have done this weekend is eat. So I thought I’d share some of the delicious goodies we have been scoffing with you. As I said these are twists on classics. The cupcakes are based on the recipe from the Great British Bake Off of Cherry Bakewell cupcakes, which when I baked them the first time were disappointingly lacking in the almond flavor that I so love about the Bakewell. So this time around I added an extra teaspoon full of almond extract to pump up the flavor. It did the trick and they were lovely, I also love how they look a little bit naughty on the plate. Or is that just me? The other baked dish was a strudel which I filled with an apple and cranberry filling. I had had these cranberries in the freezer since Christmas and they really needed to be used. Hubby said it was very wintry but that I had over done the pastry. You can’t please them all. x
naughty naughty 

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