What to do with ground almonds and a 50p bag of beads

Hello, William and I have certainly enjoyed the benefit of my new part time hours and been up to all sorts of making activities. We also had time to visit the Worcester resource exchange, which I would recommend to any parent who doesn’t want to spend to much money on crafty supplies and it definitely encourages you to get your thinking cap on. I think they have these sorts of places all around the country and their definitely worth a look. So in alongside  building a folding paper house and drawing a very large farm on a roll of paper we found we also had time to bake some delicious Black Cherry Bakewell tarts. The only complaint we had was there could have been more jam in them but as you can see they were packed with filling!
My other great find was at the resource exchange I mangaged to pick up a lovely bag of beads for 50p and here are the two creations I made whilst hubby was watching the football last night. x

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