Busy busy busy….

I am rather proud of all that I achieved yesterday. William is getting rather impatient and huffy in the warm weather and flits from one activity to the other so we spent the day coming up with new games. But before we had lunch I had already made a new table cloth for the outdoor table. Which is polished metal and painful to look at in the bright light. I had had some green cotton with tiny white stars in the cupboard for ages and this was just the ticket to knock up a new cloth. I added corner pockets to hold stones to weight it down when its breezy and a lovely flouncy frill. 
As you can see William enjoyed eating his lunch at it. Then we devoted our afternoon to games. We played: Catch with water balloons, 
car racing with frozen colored ice cubes on a baking tray,
ice age which involved trying to chip out small plastic animals that had been frozen in a large lump of ice,
safari animal hunt around the garden,
digging for buried treasure in the sandpit (scrunched up tin foil balls)
and then to finish we made jelly! 

Which went down a treat with ice cream after tea.
Today we have continued to be creative and in preparation for our holidays William made a holiday book with lots of summery pictures from his magazines. 

My favorite bit is the ransom note style title. 

We’re just winding down the day now and waiting for the grandparents to call and collect William for a walk to the park. Which inevitably means they will expect to have cake with their coffee when they return. 
So we’ve just whipped up a batch of fairy cakes which will have to go un-iced as we’ve run out of icing sugar, and a Bakewell tart. 

Just perfect for a cup of tea and a relax as the sun goes down. x

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