Buttons and booties

Hello, Since making the necklace for sports day, I have been looking at my button box and thinking of other jewellery ideas. I decided to make a necklace from the red, black and white buttons. I didn’t pick them in any order just plunged into the box randomly and then threaded them onto jewellery wire. I’m quite pleased with the result as the necklace can be shaped and sits nicely on my collar bone. Iv’e already had a few compliments on it at work.  I have also been attempting to make some felted booties, I based the design on a moccasin but they still need some adjustment. The back seam stands proud and would irritate a little baby foot. So in my remake I’ll make the pattern slightly smaller and stitch the seam flat. I’ve just got to wait for someone to have a baby so I can make them some. Finally the last thing I’ve done this week is apply for the Great British Sewing bee. I saw it mentioned on the Making magazine Facebook page and its being produced by the company who does the Great British Bake off (which I also unsuccessfully applied for). Here’s hoping I have better luck this time. x
Classic coloured jewellery 

Felted baby booties test run 1

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