Mum’s birthday

Hello, we started mums birthday celebrations with William telling me at about half nine in the morning he was in need of cookies. When I told him we didn’t have any he said ‘that’s OK mummy we can make some’. He chose to make an all butter shortbread cookie and we chose animal shaped cutters. Half way through the making he got down from his chair and said ‘I’m off to play mummy, you can finish this’.
Anyway he came back when it was time to ice them …

Not much icing remained on his cookies as he kept licking it off….

As you can see by his delighted expression. 

The weather is just fantastic now and finally the garden is realizing its full potential in the flaming July. The lily’s look beautiful and smell gorgeous too. Both me and mum love to garden so I decided to make here this cross stitch picture inspired by one of Jo verso’s designs. 

I did wonder if she might be offended thinking I was saying she was a rubbish gardener but she took it with good humor. It took much longer than I thought to make and I only finished it half and hour before we had to go. 

I also made her a lion cake because she is Leo and William was very insistent that it should look like a friendly lion and not scary. I’m quite pleased with the result, although after eating it I should have split the cake in half and added some butter cream so it wasn’t too dry. 

William also stuck with the lion theme and made Mum this beautiful card, he also wrote his name inside which I think is quiet impressive for a 3 year old. x

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