Physics cake

Hello, here is the physics inspired cake I made for my brother last week. He had to have a belated birthday as he was sitting his 2nd year exams. So we waited until he broke up from university. He is studying a physics degree in London and I thought I would try to incorporate that into his love of chocolate. So the base cake is 2 maderia’s which I then filled and coated with chocolate butter icing. This is not an icing I had used before and although the book said you had to work quickly with it I didn’t realize how quick and so the icing dragged a little on the pallete knife despite me dipping it into hot water. Then I decorated it with a smarties spiral and a galaxy of white chocolate stars. I also added maltesers around the bottom for a space ship look. Not physics I know but a took a leap… He enjoyed it so that’s all that matters. x

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