The countdown is complete

Well, the wait is finally over and the summer holidays have finally begun. Thankfully the weather has also improved as I had not relished the idea of six weeks indoors looking at the rain. William has already embraced the fact that he has lots more time with me and emptied out the contents of his craft box with the cry ‘what shall we make today mummy?’

already busy crafting

He is so happy to paint and make and gives a running commentary to every thing he is doing. It is lovely to sit and watch him. They have also commented on his creativity at nursery and one of my favorite paintings is still on the fridge. I can definitely see the hippo.

one of my favorites from nursery 

With the holidays now upon us and the warm weather finally here I just need to contemplate all the summer crafts I can do whilst stretched out on the lawn. I still have the patchwork picnic blanket to complete but I also like to have smaller projects I can bung in a bag and carry where ever the warm breeze takes me. With that in mind I’ll sit and drink my fresh strawberry milkshake and dream of all things craft…..x

finally a taste of the summer

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