Holiday crafting

Hello, We have just returned from our holiday and I am afraid to say it but it’s raining. When are we going to return to the summers I remember from my childhood? I’m sure in reality that they didn’t stretch on all summer  long as gloriously sunny and hot as I like to remember them. But in a bid to make William’s summers something to remember we managed to fit in some pre-holiday craft. 
ready for my holiday
On the first day of the holiday William was greeted by Alonso (hubby named him!), who was to accompany us on holiday and be photographed enjoying all the activities we did. They pictures will make a great accompaniment to the holiday diary we wrote (pictures I posted earlier).  
I also did a quick make and made a new camera case for my digital camera. I am quite pleased with it. I made it out of felt and tried to style it like an old camera I used to own. 

Back of camera case

Front of camera

We also did a bit of baking (naturally) to finish off the eggs before we left and William decided on the decorative theme – Birthday bear Olympics. Wenlock wanted to join in with the icing but it doesn’t combine well with his fur.

Finished birthday bear Olympics cake

One of my favorite things on holiday apart from the hot weather and my fantasic tan was the food. One night we bought a great selection of cakes and I would love to re create one cake which was a combination of a lemon drizzle and an almond cake. With the weather looking so rubbish this might be something I work on this week.

 Finally I just thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to display photographs around our home, as I wait to upload my holiday pictures. I love to group selections of images like the one below and Black and white is one of my favorite prints.

I also used the off cuts of wallpaper as a mount to make the print to co-ordinate with a feature wall in the room. Although this wallpaper has long since been replaced. 

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