Suffolk Puff quick fix for damaged skirt

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Here’s the problem, one red linen skirt ruined by white board pen which one lovely pupil had thought highly funny to write along the edge of the table so when I lent against it …. 
Here is my solution to the problem. Suffolk puffs which seem to be very popular at the moment. I chosen to make mine from some black satin I had in my stash. 

 I cut three circles from the satin.

I did a running stitch about 3mm from the edge 
Then pulled tight and double knotted. 

I then sewed them onto the skirt with a black button at the centre of each
I then finished of the design with a simple line of running stitch in double thread of black embroidery thread. 

Close up of the finished decoration. You’d never know that the skirt had been damaged in the first place. 

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