Summer holiday shell crafts

Hello, I wonder if other people are like me and after enjoying pleasurably beach combing on holiday you return home and wonder what to do with the piles of shells? William has also got into beach combing and this year we had a large pile of shells. These are a couple of ideas to do with them which will happily occupy you and your little one for at least an hour.
Here’s our pile of shells
  First we just laid them out and looked at them – sorting and organizing looking at colour and shapes. 
Then William wanted to make a picture with them. 

This is apparently a picture of me! I think I need to work on my hair if this is what I look like!

Then we sorted all the ones with holes in the middle and William threaded them onto a long cord. A great activity to develop toddlers hand eye co-ordination. Although care must be taken if doing this with really little ones as they could put the shells in their mouth or tangle themselves with the cord.

Threading the shells

The look of concentration

 Whilst William threaded I played around with the spare shells and looked at some different arrangements to mount in a pox frame.

Arrangement 1. All the holey shells

Arrangement 2 four of my favorites

 Once William had finished threading I looped the end of the cord and William hung it on his wardrobe door as a lovely reminder of the holiday. Much better than just dumping them in a box.

The finished piece

Close up

Note: please make sure that it is O.K. to beach comb as some places do not allow you to remove the shells. 

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