Tutorial – how to make fuzzy felt face game

Here’s an idea to keep little ones happy. Great for long car journeys or rainy summer days as it can be all stored in a zip lock bag and taken wherever you go.
Here’s what to do;
First you will need a section of felt squares in a variety of colours, some card, a pair of scissors and some glue. 
Equipment needed

 First cut out two oval face shapes from the card.

 Then glue onto a piece of skin colored felt. (Or your can use any colour if you wanted to make alien or animal faces) and cut out.

Glue the card ovals onto the skin colored felt

 They should then look like this.

Then using the remaining colored felt cut out different facial features. You can go as mad as you like for this part. 

 Then give them to your three year old to play with….
occupied for at least 20mins…..

Here’s William’s first creation, me apparently!

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