Weekly menu No.1

I like to plan my weekly menus as not only does it stop me over spending at the supermarket on things that might not get eaten in time and end up in the bin, but it also stops me getting into a food rut.
It is so easy to be lazy when I get home from school and just throw some pasta in the saucepan, but if I have already decided what we’re having I am already mentally prepared before I get home. I have been working my way through my collection of cookery books to plan my menus, but I have recently bought a new one which I found at the local garden center when I was shopping with my mother in law. It’s called ‘Food lovers Vegetarian’ and for once I would like to cook every thing in it. I think it’s Australian as some of the ingredient names are different.

Vegetarian (Food Lovers Simply)

So I will attempt to cook and photograph these dishes this week and I will post the pics and a review each day.
Do you like to menu plan? Have you got any top tips to avoid waste?

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