Experiments in tone, depth and colour using machine embroidery

 Just thought I would share a set of resources I made a while go that show the possibilities of creating tone and depth and experimenting with colour when using the sewing machine. I know a lot of people have become away of free machine embroidery but these ideas show how you can push your machine to produce a much wider range of textural qualities.

Using a combination of zig zag and straight machine stitch , the aim was to produce patterns that looked at the relation of spacing. 

Using a combination of zig zag and straight machine stitch, the aim was to look at the range of tone and depth  that can be produced 

Demonstration of density and tonal qualities that can be produced by using machine zig zag stitch 

Demonstration of density and tonal qualities that can be produced by using straight machine stitch 
Demonstration of colour mixing using cabling. 
Colour mixing using cabling, the bottom colour stays the same and the top colour changes. 
By either working on the background, the shape or both , you can reveal or disguise the motif.
Reveal / disguis. The creation of a shape by filling the background and then revealing or disguising it by the use of stitch on top. 

Using cabling as a demonstration on density and the use of a negative shape 

Looking at the qualities of colour mixing using machine whip stitch and the benefits of letting some background colour show. 

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