Getting organised – storage solutions for jewellery

After all the decorations come down, I often feel in the new year a desire not necessarily to spring clean but to organize. This year I decided to tackle my jewellery and hair accessories as over the past few years them have become more and more un organized and when your busy in the morning there is nothing worse than spending ten minutes looking for the matching earring or a set of kerby grips. These are my solutions:

Take one nice Christmas card, preferably a sturdy one and slide all the kerby grips onto it. Store in the side of a drawer and no more hunting for them.

How to keep kerby grips in one place 

I also have lots of long stranded jewellery and it often gets knotted so to keep them separated I made a pocket organizer with small pockets that I hang in the wardrobe.

pocket storage for small jewellery 

Finally I think this is a work of genius and wondered why I’d never done this before. Take two off cuts of felt and push through all stud earrings attach with their backing and they all stay in pairs. The only downside to this genius plan is as my husband pointed out ‘you’ll have to remember to put them back in, rather than leave them all over the side at night’ but I’m sure I’ll manage.

Organizing stud earrings 

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