Robot Making kit

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My eldest and I have been looking for inspiration for different activities to do at home as we’re spending a lot more time together with me being off work at the moment. One of the books I bought to inspire us was this great Usborne book ‘365 things to make and do’. Usborne make great children’s books and they are definitely ones I come back to time and time again. One of the activities inside the book caught his eye was to make collage robots. The only downside to this book is it is a bit old for him and he got frustrated and upset when he tried to follow their instructions. So whilst he was at nursery I made him this Robot making kit which simplified the idea a bit and had the activity all assembled into an envelop which can be refilled and pulled out from the craft box when we need an quick craft fix. 

Inside the Robot making kit I put:
  • Pictures of wheels, bolts, pipe, electrical cable etc. cut from a trade catalog,
  • Some paper fasteners as their shiny and metal,
  • some silver glitter glue,
  • some pva,
  • some paper,
  • some sequins,
  • and some washers and bits picked out of the toolbox. 

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