W.I.P Wednesday #1 – Birds name sampler

Now I am on maternity leave I have decided to change my Wednesday slot from workshop Wednesday to work in progress Wednesday to keep it more relevant to what I am currently working on. I may return to workshop Wednesday and more educational ideas when I return to work next April but until then I’ll be sharing the longer projects I have on the go with you.

So the get the ball rolling I thought I’d share the first W.I.P a name sampler I am making for he new addition to the Cartwright household. It’s from Cross Stitcher magazine and should look like this when finished, apart from the name obviously!

W.I.P Wednesday #1 – Birds name sampler

Here’s how far I’ve got

W.I.P Wednesday #1 – Birds name sampler

I’m not very disciplined when it comes to cross stitch and tend to swap the colours I’m stitching with alot of the time so I don’t get bored.

W.I.P Wednesday #1 – Birds name sampler close up 

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