Tutorial Tuesday – How to make a hanging felt bird decoration.

I have just finished making a new decoration for George’s Nursery. He has an animal theme and loves anything that is hanging that he can look at when he’s in the cot or on the changing mat. Here is how to make it.

First cut two simple bird shapes out of felt. You can use different colours of keep them the same. You will also need: buttons, embroidery thread, pins, a needle and some scissors.

Take one of the felt bird shapes and sew on a button as an eye. Remember this must be very secure if it is to be used in a nursery. If you are worried about babies and buttons you could always use a toy safety eye instead.

Then using a back stitch sew a wing shape and a tummy.

 Then pin the front and back felt bird shapes together.

 Blanket stitch around the felt bird shapes. I think it is nice to use a contrasting colour.

Repeat these steps until you have as many birds as you want. I varied the colours of felt, buttons and thread I used.

Then thread them all onto a long piece of yarn.
Using a bead at the end to secure them on and a loop at the top to hang it from.

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