Sitting Santa decoration

To make this sitting Santa you will only need a few craft cupboard essentials and he is a great easy Seasonal activity to make with the kids that will look good adorning any shelf or mantle piece in your home. 

Sitting Santa decoration 

 You will need some red card, a black pencil crayon, some cotton wool, selotape and glue.
First draw around a large dinner plate on your red card and cut into quarters. Each quarter then makes a Santa. Then cut out arms and legs with boots on.
Colour the boots black, draw a face on and stick on a beard with cotton wool.
Form into a cone shape and secure with selotape.
Then stick on the legs bending them so he will sit on a shelf.
Stick cotton wool at the ends of the arms and stick onto the cone.
Finally add a ball of cotton wool at the top for a bobble.

 I think he looks very happy waiting in the playroom for William.

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