How to make a snowflake garland.

This is a lovely simple make and look very effective when combined with twinkle lights for a snowy scene. You will need ultra suede or felt, organza, white embroidery thread, needle, scissors, pencil and a jam jar lid.
First draw around your jam jar lid on the ultra suede until you have as many circles as you want in your garland. 

 Then repeat with the organza. Do not worry if the organza starts to fray as this will add to the effect.

Then using two strand of embroidery thread. Secure your thread at the back and sew a 4 way cross in the centre of the organza overlaid the ultra suede. Then from each of the points make a long stitch with two smaller stitches to make a v shape at the end. Then add a French knot between each section.

 Repeat for each of the circles. Then add a loop of embroidery thread between each circle to join them and loops at the end to hang them. You can either hang in swags or for a more contemporary look in drops.

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