Banana and caramel trifle recipe

3 medium bananas                                                
8 trifle sponges 

50g pecan
275ml double
1 pint custard
For sauce:                
150g golden syrup  
50g butter
75g soft brown sugar
50g granulated sugar
150ml double cream
A few drops of vanilla extract

  1. Place syrup, butter and sugar in a pan and heat
    it over a gentle heat for about 5 minute, making sure you stir the mixture
  2. Slowly stir in double cream and vanilla essence
    until it is fully combined
  3. Make up the custard according to your packets instructions. 
  4. Split trifle sponges in half length ways
  5. Cover in butterscotch and remake the sponge
    shape by sandwiching them
  6. Cut them the other way into 3 and place them on
    the bottom of the bowl.
  7. Whisk the cream to soft peaks
  8. Slice the bananas and place on top of sponges
  9. Add a thick layer of custard
  10. Add a layer of cream
  11. Add pecan nuts for decoration.

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