Jungle 1st birthday party

It was my youngest’s 1st birthday party recently and we wanted to have a bit of a jungle theme.

We had a limited budget as I am still on maternity leave due back soon. So after a little research this is what we came up with. 
Every Jungle needs a watering hole and the adults all seemed most interested in this one.

We tried to theme the snacks as much as possible so we had,
flamingo biscuits,
elephant snacks and jack rabbit food.

I made the cake using a tin I had kept from my eldests 1st birthday and covered it with green icing a sprinkles. Then we raided the toy box for all the plastic animals and after a good scrub they looked great strolling across the savannah of cake.

I used animal crackers to decorate cupcakes that I had topped with green icing and any kids party isn’t complete without some chocolate birds nest cakes.

To try and balance out all the cake we also had a fruit rainbow and this turned out to be one of the most popular snacks on the table.

Finally I’d seen a great vegetable lion on Pinterest and thought I’d have a go. As you can see mine was a bit of a fail but I’ve included it anyway to show it’s not always perfect.

If you want to see the inspiring Veg lion it’s on my Pinterest jungle party board along with a lot of other great ideas.

               Follow Ruth Cartwright’s board jungle party on Pinterest.  

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