How to make Fabric storage bins.

Just thought I’d quickly share this fabric storage bin I made for my littlest. I love having extra storage in the playroom but with my littlest learning to walk I’m less keen on boxes and other things he can hurt himself on. So I made this fabric bin. It worked so well I’m definitely going to make more and the good thing about them is it is do easy to scale up the idea.

I started by cutting two circles which I had made using an embroidery hoop to draw around.
I used patterned fabric for the outside and plain fabric for the inside.
I then cut a circle of interfacing and ironed that on to the patterned fabric to make it more rigid.
I then (this is the technical bit!) wrapped a rectangle of fabric around the edge of the circle to measure out how long it should be. You could use maths to work this out but I didn’t and it worked fine for me. Just add on a cm seam allowance.
Then cut two of these rectangles again one patterned one plain. Repeat the interfacing process with the patterned fabric.
Now with right sides together pin the patterned rectangle to the circle turning as you go. Make sure you turn out the seam and pin.
Sew the seam and then around the circle.
Remove pins.
Repeat for the plain fabrics.
Then rights sides together insert the plain fabric bin into the pattern fabric bin. Line up the seams and pin around the top. Stitch around the top leaving a hole for turning.
Turn the lining out through the hole and push down into the patterned fabric.
Finish by top stitching around the edge.

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