Five great black banana recipes

I am proud supporter of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign and find it shocking and appalling at what we throw away each day. Supermarkets are massively to blame for this and we have developed a suspicious culture towards our food. If it’s not looking it’s best we want to throw it in the bin and that is terrible. One item, I know a lot of people throw away is the black banana. I know you all have one or two lurking in the fruit bowl and even the bravest fruit eaters sometimes can’t be tempted by it favoring a yellow one. Never fear do not throw them make them in to something delicious. Black bananas are the best for baking with as they give the most flavor and I’ve got five great recipes to use them in.

Need something to give you a boost in the morning or just haven’t got time to sit down and eat breakfast. These get set go bars are just the ticket.

Get set go bars
Want a healthy snack in the day? Why not try one of these tray bake recipes.

Banana and walnut tray bake

Banana and ginger tray bake

Love carrot cake? These muffins pack all the carrot cake flavor but with the added bonus of potassium rich bananas.

Carrot and orange muffins

Finally, want something indulgent to treat yourself with? You can’t go far wrong with the banana and caramel trifle recipe.

Banana and caramel trifle

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