Ultra suede no sew play road

Ultra suede no sew play road

I love working with ultra suede for the same reasons I like working with felt. You can cut it without frying, it’s soft and it comes in a great range of colors. The added bonus about ultra suede is it’s tough. Which made it perfect for this project. My boys love to play cars and like nothing more than to be lay on the playroom floor pushing cars around the play mat. But what happens in summer when I want to get outdoors? How can we still play cars on the play mat? Yes we could take the play mat out side but in our garden the cars tend to be the bigger dump truck varieties and I didn’t want to wreck the at.

So here is my solution.

  • I cut out road sections from ultra suede wide enough to fit two lanes of dump truck traffic. 
  • I cut a combination of straight roads, bends, junctions and a large roundabout.
  • Then I painted them with fabric paint for an authentic look. 

The beauty of this road is they can rearrange it, take it anywhere as it folds up into a small bag and it’s washable.
Days in the garden here we come!

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