‘The School of Art’ book – a review

My eldest son and I were delighted when this book ‘The School of art’ by Wide eyed books was delivered for us to review. It came just in time as we had just entered the third week in the summer holidays lull. So we sat down together one after noon whilst my youngest was napping to enjoy this new book together.

Our first impression of the book was that it was beautifully illustrated with a great choice in colour pallet. My son loved the different professors, especially the one with the pointy beard.  

Each Professor in the book takes on a different section of Art theory, they explain their concepts clearly and use excellent graphic tool to illustrate their points. We particularly liked the colour theory section. 

 These ideas were a great introduction to my son into art theory. He is nearly seven and could embrace the ideas of tint, tone and shades. Some of the more complex ideas he wouldn’t find so engaging at the moment, but from my teaching point of view it is definitely a book I would keep on my shelf and pull out to aid students in understanding different ideas.

 The main idea with the book is that you are joining an art school and that each section is a ‘lesson’. You can work your way through the book, reading about each concept and then compleating the activities which lead up tp a final exhibition. I’m not sure we would stick to this idea and would probably use it as something more to dip in and out of.

One lesson that we did particularly enjoy was the lesson on perspective. We read the lesson and then using photography experimented with the main idea. 

My son really enjoyed making the lego man as big as him and has now printed out the picture to have on his wall.

 Our overall thoughts on the book were really positive and we will definitely be coming back to it time and time again. I enjoyed the narrative of it and it made it more enjoyable to read together, rather than a purely instructional book, it inspires the reader to think more about art, whether young or old.

Please note – I was sent this book for free to review, however the opinions are all mine.

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