Art Nouveau inspired prints

I use floral imagery a lot in my design work and I think my biggest influence has to be the Art Nouveau movement. I love it use of colour and it’s combination of intricate and simple patterns. William Morris is a favourite of mine and I have various bits of his work around my house. It was one of his pieces that inspired me to create these bubble flower prints.
These collection of bubble flower prints can be purchased on fabrics from my Woven Monkey store for UK buyers and from my Spoonflower store for USA buyers.

You can also purchase them on prints and a range of other goods from my Redbubble, Zazzle and Society 6 Stores.

If you fancy stitching up a coordinating cross stitch there is also a pattern now available via my Etsy store. It’s a digital PDF that you can download and print today, so there would be now time to wait in having your own bubble flower.

I do hope you like seeing what I am currently working on and that you enjoy the updates on my creative life.

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