Butterfly collection, Redbubble

When I’m doodling I will often find myself drawing butterflies, I fact I love them so much I have a blue butterfly tattoo on my shoulder. So it is no surprise to me that one of the first collections I created in my Redbubble store was of butterflies. Their delicate wings, intricate patterns and beautiful colours are a designers dream come true when looking for inspiration.
Blue butterfly Framed Art print
There is no specific pallet for my collection, but I have tried to stick to blues, greys, purples and pinks. What I was more interested in was how the butterfly images look in repeat.

Blue striped butterflies Samsung phone cover
I have selected a few of my favourite products from the Redbubble store to showcase my designs. But the designs can be bought on most products and it’s worth having a look around the store.

Butterfly Spiral notebook
Most of my designs start off as pencil sketches and then I work over the design with fine liner before scanning in the designs and working on them on the computer.

Butterfly – red Laptop skin

Butterfly sketch Studio pouch
Purple butterfly Duvet Cover
Cross stitch purple butterfly Scarf

 These designs are an exception to the rule as they have been created using cross stitch patterns of mine as the basis for the repeat pattern. These cross stitch patterns can be downloaded for free here.

Dark purple butterfly Cushion cover
Pair of butterflies Mug

Pink butterfly drawstring bag

 My final design in the collection is also something a bit different from my usual designing method. This has been created from a silk painting I did and I love how it creates a 3d quality to the design. I hope you enjoy seeing the design work I am creating and can stop by my Redbubble shop and see what else I have to offer.

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