New cross stitch pattern photos.

For my birthday my parents treated me to a new camera as a way of helping me with my online business. I have loved learning about how to work my new DSLR and obviously still have a lot to learn. The other day my boys went out with their grandparents and so I hopped to it fashioning up a quick studio in the outside porch and testing out photographing my stitching.

I must admit it took ages and by no means have I got all the photos taken that I planned. So it will be an ongoing project but over the next few weeks I hope to update both my pattern photos from my Etsy shop and stitch up and photograph some of the free patterns I featured here.

So here is the first free pattern I have photographed.

 I have been experimenting with props for the photographs, my husband says he prefers this type of photos. I was pretty happy with this pic apart from the lighting. Photographing outside is tricky.

I on the other hand prefer to see close up images of the stitching and I’m sure other sewers do to. I love the way the camera can pick up the texture of the floss and fabric so well.

The sun came out again in this one and I framed the picture tighter with the props. What do you think?

 I also thought you might like to see how my free patterns could be used. So I mounted it up in a white circle aperture card with wadding behind to raise it out from the card. Looks cute doesn’t it!

I tried to different coloured background to shoot it on, I think the white background look more professional but I prefer the warmth from the pink velvet.

If you like the look of this pattern just click on the link and it is yours to download immediately.

What do you think of the photos? Any pointer from photographers greatly appreciated. 🙂

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