Spoonflower design competition, creativity flows

Do you know Spoonflower? It’s a great website which allows you to design and print your own fabric. It is also a great place to shop for unique and original designed fabric as many of the designers list their work in their own little store. I have a store on Spoonflower and would love it if you took a look.

They also run a weekly design competition and I love to take part as it often makes me design things I wouldn’t normally draw.

The latest competition is to design them a 2017 Spoonflower T-Shirt
The brief was:

‘What does Spoonflower mean to you? What kinds of things come to mind when you think about the brand? Is it sewing? Design? Community? Flowers? Spoons? Put it all down into a unique, never before seen surface pattern for a t-shirt that Spoonflower will be printing for 2017!’

Spoonflower design competition, creativity flows

I went with a design based on pencils. As this is where all my design work starts out. I pick up a pencil and let the design flow out. However much we have turned to computers to aid us in our design work I know that myself and many other designers love to start with a pencil. What do you think?
If you like my design please pop over to Spoonflower and vote for me. Voting opens today.

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