Eat your greens, from sketch to finished product

So I am trying to up my game on the typography front at the moment. Hand lettering has never been my strongest skill and I’ve always thought that my S’s and my R’s are definitely weak. But that said, hand lettering and quote work are big in illustration and I need to perfect my hand lettered style if I want to get on the books of an art agency.

So my starting point was to think of phrases or sayings I would want on products and cards. There are lots kicking around at the moment but I didn’t want to follow the crown with little…fierce or adventure .. out there quotes.

This is when I came up with ‘Eat your greens’, I have been working on my children’s wear portfolio and this fits in nicely with that and the healthy eating messages I like to promote, what with being a Food Technology teacher.

Luckily it’s not something I have to say to my boys but I like the fun message on bibs and table wear etc.

Here is the initial sketch I did using pencil and then my papermate inkjoy pens in light and dark green.

Then I scanned it into illustrator, image traced it and then under painted in more greens. I this under painted style and have used it a lot in my recent work. I think it adds a playful, thrown together look without being messy.

What do you think?

It’s great to see my designs on products and I’m loving it on the baby bib and plate seen here from Zazzle.

You can find this design on a whole host of products from my redbubble, society6, paom and zazzle stores.

So what do you think of my hand lettered style so far? Perhaps it still needs some work, but I’m happy to be pushing out of my comfort zone and working on typography. I hope to show you more as I continue to work on it. Also don’t you think a coordinating fabric in the beans, peas and broccoli would be cute! Might just have to do that tonight.

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