Getting ready for summer*

Spring has finally appeared around these parts and with more sun my mind turns to summer and exposing the bits of me that haven’t seen light of day since September last year. Suddenly I am longing for the safety of my 100 denier tights. But I do love summer and I love to feel the sun on my skin.
Toning body treatment oil review

So I was delighted when Bex for [M] Botanicals sent me some Toning Body treatment oil to test for the blog*. Which will hopefully help me to ‘Fight cellulite and signs of sagging with our anti oxidant rich blend of essential oils and moisturising concentrated vegetal oils.  Pure plant extracts of Juniper, Cypress, Grapefruit and Juniper will stimulate circulation and help remove toxins.  Base oils of borage, tamanu, Blackseed will penetrate deeply into the lower levels of the skin keeping it hydrated and satiny smooth’ It certainly smells delicious!

Before I had even opened the bottle I could smell the heady scents of summer. I have been using it on my thighs (fight that cellulite!) and on my upper arms (be gone signs of sagging!) mainly, but it is so light and lovely to put on I am tempted to slather myself in it. I ‘ve been using it for just under a week now, so I will have to give you an update on how toned I have become, but my skin has never felt so smooth and I smell good enough to eat.

Getting ready for summer with this toning body oil

I would definitely recommend taking a look at [M]Botanicals website and looking at their full range of products. In their own words ‘MBotanicals is all about the skin and all about nature. We love the skin and want to see it protected, beautiful and functioning at its best. We believe that the best way to do that is keeping it as close to nature as possible, using plant based ingredients that work synergistically and dynamically with your skin’ How good is that!

They are also a sustainable company and ‘believe in running a business in a socially responsible way. Many of our ingredients come from organic sources. We also get many ingredients from fair trade or local farmers and growers. We are a cruelty free company and in accordance with EU legislation we do not test any of our products or ingredients on our furry friends.’ They fit so well with my mindset and those of my friends I will definitely be recommending them as people admire my summer skin.

You can also find [M]Botanicals on facebook, Instagram and twitter

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