How to protect your design work online.*

 To share your work or not to share? It’s a tricky question and for those in the design world looking to get work it is something you have to tackle on a daily basis. Do I share my works in process and finished pieces on my Instagram to try and find work. The risk is such that people will rip your work off, copying or even worse reposting it as theirs.

There is no way that you can stop people from copying your style from your photos but you can limit them from directly nicking your images. You can watermark your pictures, but if you are just taking quick pics of sketches and works in progress you might not have time to edit your photos. I think I now have a solution.

Sticker Printing by

I have had printed stickers with my logo on made that I can attach to my sketchbook page as a quick watermark. Making it much harder for people to pinch my images and crop them, trading them off as their own. You don’t even have to stick them down on the page. I have one on a piece of card that I just slot in the flat lay photo and hey presto a copyrighted image.

I was lucky enough that Callum at the StickerShop printed this set of labels for me. They are great quality and have a lovely finish to them. I will definitely be popping back to get some packing labels made for my etsy shop too.
Label Printing by

So is it better to share?
Yes, I do think it is. Inevitably their will always be someone trying to pinch
your work, but you have to take this risk if you want people to appreciate your work. I love sharing my work in progress and sketchbook shots and get such great feedback from other artists. I wouldn’t want to miss out on this.
Are you on Instagram? I’d love to see your sketchbooks and works in progress.
Do you have any great tips on how to protect your design work online? Please share them below.

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