How to create the perfect small office space*

As a work from home mum, it can be hard to carve out space in the house for myself. I am lucky enough to have the use of the box room in the house, but it must function as many things for us all. I need the room to be an office space, a craft room and a design studio.

My husband often takes up residence in there in the evenings too! During the weekends I often have to contend with the kids wanting to get on the computer as well which is why it is key that I master how to make this small room work for all its needs.
1. Get a big desk.
Personally I would recommend getting as large a desk as you can fit in your workspace. I am a spreader. I have my planner, bits of paper, lists etc. that I like to have around me when I work. Not to mention I have a desktop PC with a massive screen for my design work, so I don’t strain my eyes. So a large desk is a must for me.
2. Fit shelving.
This is a lifesaver in a small space, getting the majority of my stuff up off the floor where I can easily find things is brilliant. It was one of the first jobs my husband did when I first took over the box room and I have never regretted taking up a whole wall with shelves. Plus I can colour code my book spines so it looks pretty too!
3. Position your desk near a window.
If you are like me and sit either at the computer all day or you are drawing / painting / sewing the natural light will save your eye sight. My room is so small you are always in natural light because your only three feet away from the window at any point in the room!
4. Be creative with your other storage needs.
Depending on what you are working on, you might need other storage solutions apart from shelves. In my room, I have to store samples from my etsy cross stitch shop, plus craft materials and all my art work. So I have a collection of biscuit tins and baskets for loose stuff and a great six pigeon hole unit that I was kindly sent by Windsor Browne* to review.
It is perfect for storing my embroidery hoops and works in progress. I can easily stack them in the unit and quickly get to what I need as opposed to rummaging through bags which was my previous storage method.
It fits perfectly with my thrown together shabby chic look of my office. I have collected bit of antique furniture and curios over the last 10 years and they all combine in a great inspiring workspace for me. I love the great warm feeling wooden furniture gives to a room.
5. Get a good chair.
My last piece of advice would be to get a good chair. Mine is rubbish and my back knows it when I sat at my desk all day. Remember if you haven’t got a good chair, get up every hour and move. We are not designed to be seated all day long. Now if I could only take my own advice…
I was kindly sent the pigeon hole unit from Windsor Browne in exchange for my honest review, you can see my full advertising and disclosure policy here.

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