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Everyone loves a hack these days. I know I’ve got whole pinterest boards dedicated to them. So when I was asked to review Mum Hacks – Time saving tips to calm the chaos of family life I jumped at the chance.

I’m not saying that our life is chaotic, indeed I know my life as a mum is a lot less stressful than others as I am still enjoying being a stay at home mum. That said I am returning to teaching in September and I know my time with the kids will be squeezed. The main idea of this book is that you claw back some of the time wasted on things you shouldn’t even give a minute to, plus it tries to tackle how to avoid going into meltdown over some of the many jobs mums get landed with. Thus enabling you to be able to spend more quality time with your family and not just be seen as a hurried stressed out monster by your kids.

Stressed Moi?

As I’ve said I do have more time at the moment to be with me kids but that doesn’t mean I don’t fall foul of getting stressed, especially on the school run. I am sure that my kids sense when time is an issue and instinctively do everything 10 times slower, thus pushing up my stress levels when I’m trying to get them on their way on time. Helpfully there is a whole section of the book devoted to ‘Morning Mayhem -streamlining getting up and out’. There were some great tips on cutting down on the laundry and ironing pile. Which is an ever growing mountain in our house now that both boys are in uniform.

Looking after me.

The section on a bit of me time, ‘tips to look good, feel good and de-stress’, was probably my favourite section of the book. Despite feeling a little smug as a read through the book and thought ‘yes I already do x,y,z’ investing any time on myself seems to have slipped my grasp. Between being a mum, a wife, a blogger, an illustrator and running my online shop I don’t seem to find any time for myself. I know this has to change and I want to get a better balance in my life. I loved the tips of making your makeup work for you more, by buying things that do more than one job. I also liked the tips about drawing boundaries. I must be more forceful in declaring what is my time and not allowing other people to drain it.

Would I recommend it?

This book is not one that has to be read in one go, not all the tips will suit everyone. I for one don’t want to store things in freezer bags. However it’s a great dip in and out book. It’s divided into relevant sections that you might want more control of and you can have a go testing out what works for you and what doesn’t.
If you feel it’s all getting too much and your not being the mum you wanted to be. Spending all your time, tidying and not playing than it’s definitely worth a read.

I was kindly given Mum Hacks in return for my honest review. To read my advertising and disclosure policy click here.

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