TOTSUP reward chart review*

I have never used reward charts with my children before as I haven’t had a situation where I
thought they could help.
Recently however, my youngest who is three nearly four starting wetting the bed again. He had
been dry through the night but after a urine infection the good work that had been done was

So when Sally from TotsUp asked if I would like to review their Bus reward chart I thought it might help in getting back to dry nights.
Setting the scene.

When it arrived I had a quick look in the box and a read through the leaflet that comes with it. It also has IOS app if you want to use that.
It recommends that you set the reward as something free or low cost that the child will enjoy. Which was great as this was something I had, had an issue with, with reward charts. I do not want to get into the game of incentivising my children to do things only for the big reward at the end.
So we set it up which was easy to do as the bus and bus stop just slot into the stands provided. It’s magnetic so we placed all the people on the bus stop and talked my youngest through how it works. If he has a dry night someone can get on the bus, when they are all on the bus we’ll take a trip to the park.
He was delighted with it and the first night was so eager to get someone on the bus he got up twice to do the tiniest wee.

Did it work?

I was never expecting an overnight miracle and it’s definitely still a work in progress but we are getting drier nights. Where I think it has helped him is to start thinking about needing the loo again in the night. It takes a lot to learn this and I know boys can take longer to be dry though the night, but he was and I’m sure he will be again soon.  He loves the little people and wants them to get on the bus. Hopefully in the next week or so we’ll be off to the park!
Would I recommend it?

What I liked about the TOTSUP bus reward chart, was the quality of the product. It’s cheerful design is gender neutral and it works on a simple level that young children can understand. Reward charts all the time can lose their effectiveness but for a focused time on something that you want you child to think about, whether that is bed wetting or biting I think this would be of great use. My youngest loves his bus especially as he could name it and if my friends were looking for a reward chart and would definitely steer them in TOTSUP direction.
I was kindly sent the TOTSUP reward chart in exchange for my honest review.
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