5 great ways to pack some protein.*

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People often ask when hearing I’m a vegetarian ‘Where do you get your protein from?’ They are often concerned for my health, when I explain that not only am I a vegetarian, but a coeliac and until very recently lactose intolerant as well. In fact it is not hard at all to get my daily dose of protein and I wanted to share my top five ways to pack in some protein into your diet, no matter who you are.  
1. Nuts. 
I cannot tell you how much I love nuts. I eat them evert day in some form or another. I often snack on nuts mid morning when I could be reaching for a biscuit. My homemade muesli has walnuts and almonds in it. I love nut butters (peanut and almond are my favourites) spread on crackers for a quick afterschool snack and they are also great added to smoothies.
2. Eggs.
I am not a vegan and have not intention of becoming one. So eggs for me are a great protein source. They are regarded as the perfect protein source as they have the ideal balance of amino acids. I try and eat one everyday, plus I love them for cake baking!
3. Protein bars.

You may think this is only for the world of the body builder, but not so. I find these Pulsin bars are the best thing to pack in my bag when I go out and about. Especially when I go to parties and find myself confronted with a buffet, which I think is probably a coeliacs worst nightmare. Instead of slowly feeling faint from lack of safe food, I know I can get everything I need to keep on going. Plus they taste fantastic with the mint choc chip being my favourite at the moment.
Lentils and quinoa are my go to pulses of choice. They are both great for salads and stews. They are quick to cook (especially if you buy tinned lentils), full of flavour and packed with protein.
At any time if you looked in my cupboard you would find at least three different types of beans. Don’t be limited to beans in red sauce, tasty as they are. Try chickpeas for houmous, butterbeans in soups and for pate, black eyed beans in chilli, cannellini beans in salads. There is a whole great bean world to explore and so much protein to be eaten.
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