5 Top tips to avoid being glutened

However long you have being living with coeliac disease, being glutened is still hard. It can trigger many of the symptoms to had before diagnosis and treatment. It can be days, weeks or even months for you to recover from it. So it’s best to put as many measures in place to make sure you minimise the risk of it happening. Especially if you are like me and live in a house hold of gluten eaters.

So these are my five basic tips to avoid being glutened.
1. Have seperate kitchen utensils and wash them in the dishwasher on a high heat setting. Replace wooden and plastic utensils and boards as they can have gluten in the scratches.

2. Label jars and have seperate butter etc. Use a spoon when dishing out jam etc. Never double dip.

3. Train all your friends and family in how not to gluten you.

4. Read labels carefully. Look for the coeliac uk symbol. Buy from the free from ranges. Regularly re-check ingredients lists as they change. I’ve been caught out by this before. Don’t eat anything that uses the may contain or produced in a factory handling… unless you have contavted the company and had confirmation that it is actually safe to eat.

5. Eat in approved coeliac uk approved restaurants or use local coeliac groups to get recommendations on safe places to eat.
Have you got any other great tips? Share them here.
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