Artisan Tea review

If there was one thing I could not live without it’s tea. I would happily never have an alcoholic drink again, I know I can go without chocolate, but the thought of being without tea is inconceivable. I have been a tea drinker all my life, my family are big tea drinkers and the pot is never empty for long.

I met my soul mate when I met my husband as he can consume as much of it as me. Only problem is we are divided on the type. For him it has always been, strong builders tea with milk and until very recently sugar in it. So strong and orange you can stand a spoon up in it. On the other hand, I have been brought up as an Earl grey drinker, delicate, fragranced and without milk or sugar is perfect for me. So our definitions of normal tea are divided and two tea caddies remain.

I hope you can know appreciate how much I might love tea, so when I was asked to review some for the Artisan Teas and Coffee company I was over the moon. I perused their website and could not be swayed to try another flavour. It had to be an Earl grey but I wanted something different from the usual taste I have grown up with.
I opted to try Earl grey blue, which is black tea, mallow blossom and bergamot and I was presently surprised. After spending a while trying to find my loose leaf teapot. I am a teabag girl these days. I filled up the pot and let it brew. Not for long, but long enough to release the flavour and wonderful scent of blossom and citrus.
Can there be anything more relaxing than sitting down with a great cup of tea? Obviously, I was enjoying this when the kids were at school and therefore the house was quiet and my tea was hot! The simple pleasures in life are to be cherished. I will not be giving up tea, any time soon!

If you would like to try Artisan tea and Coffee you can find them here.

I was sent the Earl grey blue tea in exchange for my honest opinion. You can read my advertising and disclosure policy here.
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