Eco Friendly nappies review

This is a review for The conscious parent company, Eco friendly nappies.

When I had my first son, I was determined to not buy disposable nappies. I bought the nappy system with the washable inserts, the washing liquid, the soaking pail. I had all the kit. I was ready and prepared. That was until he was born, I was exhausted, could hardly move from my C-section and the washing was mounting. Still I persevered, until it started to go out and about. Then I just couldn’t manage. Lugging about soiled nappies to take home and wash just wasn’t for me. So I caved and bought disposable ones.

I felt bad about the impact I was having on the environment and all these nappies going into landfill. When I had my second I might be better. But I wasn’t. Which is why I was so happy to review these nappies from the Conscious Parent Company. Their nappies are organic, made from ethically sourced materials, environmentally friendly, fairtrade and free from chemicals. If only I had discovered these sooner I could have saved myself a whole heap of guilt.

As you may know my youngest is still in nappies at night, he is making good progress and hopefully he will be dry all the time soon. He tried the size 4 Bambo Nature trial pack. They also stock sizes from premature baby up to size six which fits 16-30kg.

I thought they were lovely and soft they felt like they were made of fabric, rather than having a plastic feel which some disposable nappies can have. They fitted  him well and we had no leeks in the night.

He said they were comfy, he was able to undo them for a wee and put them back on. He also loved the cute bear design, which was on the front and back.

At £10.00 for a pack of 30 they are on the steeper price range, but when you consider how much I spent getting myself set up with the washable nappy system. I could have saved myself a whole lot of time, washing and guilt about the environment by just buying these.

The Conscious Parent Company also offer you the option of buying the nappies, in weeks or months supplies. So that you never end up with a last minute dash to the shops, when you realise you are down to the last nappy!

The Conscious Parent Company are offering my readers 20% off your first order of any 1 month pack of Bambo nappies or Bulk pack of Bambo training pants.
Just enter NAPINO1 at the checkout at when placing your order.

When you buy any 1 month pack or Bulk pack of training pants you will always get Free Delivery as well.

I was sent the sample pack of nappies to test in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. To read my advertising and disclosure policy click here

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  1. We're just about out of nappies here but they sound great. I persevered with reusable nappies for my first two but caved with our third. These would have saved me from a heap of guilt too! #blogstravaganza

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