Mr Lee’s Gluten free Noodles review

Since being diagnosed coeliac nearly two years ago, I am constantly on the look out for great gluten free products. I have found it is often so easy to find a gluten free brownie and in fact I could do with never seeing one again. What I want when I am out and about or looking for a quick food fix, is something savoury.
Mr Lee's Gluten free Noodles review


 So when I was asked if I would like to review Mr Lee’s noodles I was delighted. They were a brand I hadn’t seen before and was interested to see what they were like.
Back in the day before my diagnosis, I had, I will admit, eaten some well know pot snacks as a guilty pleasure. Finding something that could fill that place in my belly was exciting.
When they arrived my husband was pleased to see the meat flavours included in the pack. He’s a meat eater when he’s not at home and was happy to take the beef and chicken ones off to work with him.
The packaging design is fresh and fun. It’s worth taking a read of the labels whilst you wait for the kettle to cook.
Mr Lee's Gluten free Noodles review
My first one to try and probably my favourite was the Sholin Monk Vegetables. Which was ‘Harmonious vegetarian noodles with broccoli, red peppers, green beans and cauliflower.’ According to Mr Lee’s you should Eat, and be at one with the universe
It was simple and quick to make and unlike the guilty pleasure ones of my gluten past was so fresh in flavour and nutritious I felt rather pleased with myself for treating my belly to a great lunch. They were also low in salt and sugar, unlike others I have eaten. My one recommendation with the Monk noodles is add a splash of Tamari if you want a little more of a savoury note.
Mr Lee's Gluten free Noodles review

Gluten free lunch.

I’m back to teaching in September and I could see these making a great drawer stash for when I haven’t had time to make my lunch in the morning. I think I will also keep one in my car so when people offer me lunch and then have nothing suitable to offer me. Well apart from a gluten free brownie! I’ll be able to say, it’s Ok I’ve brought my own.
At £17.94 for a pack of six it’s fair to say they are on the higher price side, but this is something I have come to accept with gluten free food and when I can buy something that is safe for me to eat, tasty and nutritious I am happy to pay it. They are not currently stocked in supermarkets, you have to buy them online. A plus point is they offer free UK shipping so you are only paying for the noodles.
Hubby would also be happy if I bought him some more. He isn’t the biggest fan of sandwiches and loves taking something he can have hot for his lunch. His favourite was the Tai Chi Chicken. Which was a ‘Soul-warming noodle soup with tender chicken, ginger, green beans and corn.’ He enjoyed Chowing down for ‘true taste-bud enlightenment’.
I was sent a mixed pack of Mr Lee’s noodles in exchange for my honest review. If you would like to read my advertising and disclosure policy you can view it here.

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  1. These look really tasty. I don't have any specific dietary requirements, but I am always keen to find things for lunch that are quick and nutritious. #Blogstravaganza

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