Tinkerdash Shopping app review

How do you shop?

My normal routine for shopping is to scan the cupboards and fridge and assemble a rough plan of what we could eat in the week. Make a list, drive 30 minutes to my nearest supermarket where I realise I’ve left the list on the side at home and madly dash around buying the usual stuff before heading home to pick up the kids. Not if I’m honest, the greatest use of my time. When I was working full time I used to online shop but that would often take me just as long, so when Liam from Tinkerdash asked me if I would help test and review their new shopping app I bit his hand off.

The concept is a simple idea. You sign up to the app, tell them what meals you need planning, for how many people and what dietary needs you have. They then send you the recipes and order your shopping for you based on the plan. It’s all done via messenger and was quick and easy to set up.
The idea of someone else planning my meals was great, no more looking though cook books all the time to get out of the food rut. I was happy for tinkerdash to plan and create my shopping list but I stopped at them ordering my shopping initially.

This was the first menu we got, I had my reservations over some of the recipes with the kids but we stuck to the meal plan and ate some great meals.
The roasted grape, carrot and wild rice salad was the winning dish for the week.
The second week I changed our choices a bit and asked for less spicy meals and we missed out Sunday as we were planning to eat out.

The warm Quinoa salad with grilled Halloumi was the favourite from week two.

Week three we went back to having seven meals planned with Herby rice with roasted veg, chickpeas and Halloumi being the top dish of the week.
Our final week it must be fair to say we were a bit sick of Halloumi so we asked for no more and opted for some pasta dishes to be included as we’d missed pasta.
Final thoughts
We really enjoyed eating different ideas each week and having the menu planned and the shopping list generated really cut down on food waste and stress.
If I was to go back to teaching full time I think this is something I would opt for as a great fuss free option for getting the shopping and the dinner time ideas sorted. If only I could then find someone to cook it for me…
Tinkerdash is due to launch to the public in Summer 2017. You can sign-up at www.tinkerdash.com
to be the first to know when they’re taking on new customers and to get your first shopping task for free!
If you would like to find out more about the idea behind Tinkerdash, check out Liam’s blog

Diary of a Wantrepreneur, which chronicles his experiences setting up a business.
This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tinkerdash, you can read my advertising and disclosure policy here.

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