What to do when you’ve been glutened

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So, you have discovered your a coeliac. You have done your best to avoid gluten in your home and when eating out and yet, somehow you have been glutened.

The first time this happened to me it felt like my whole world was collapsing around me. I had just started to feel better after a few months of being gluten free, when I ate at a friend house. It’s fine they said, ‘We’ve bought you gluten free bread’. Unfortunately they hadn’t changed the chopping board.
I know for many coeliacs they can experience different symptoms.


For me I knew almost immediately I had been glutened, as I felt my stomach become tight and uncomfortable. By the time I got home my stomach was swollen like a beach ball and so tight it was painful to touch. Over the next few days, I would be exhausted, drained and with a mouth full of ulcers.
It is inevitable that at some time you will probably be glutened. Since my diagnosis two years ago I have been glutened four times. I have during these times come up with list of how to cope with being glutened.
1. Drink.
Drink lots to flush out your system, water is best for this and even though I’m not a lover of drinking water I try and drink at least four glasses. I also swear by peppermint tea, it’s great for calming my stomach and it makes a change from water.

2. Rest.
Listen to your body, if your feeling tired, fatigued or drained. Allow yourself some extra rest. Let some of the chores slide and put your feet up or go to bed early.
3. Eat clean.
For a couple of days try eating a really bland diet of vegetables and some fruit. Something soothing and easy to digest like vegetable soup, is my go to food.
4. Avoid stimulants.
I like to avoid anything to stimulating for my stomach. I don’t drink caffeinated drinks, alcohol, chocolate or any fatty or processed foods.
5. Share.
Tell your friend and family what you are feeling like. Let people at work know you are a coeliac if you haven’t already. Don’t just expect people to understand why you feel so rubbish, if you’ve never told them.
This is what I’ve have found to help me feel better, quicker. I hope this helps you too, if you have the unfortunate event of being glutened.
Have you got any tips for being gluten? Share them below.
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