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This is a review for Windsor Browne.*
In this digital age it is easy to just look at your pics on your  laptop or phone screen and never print them out. I think it is a real shame and I will always print my photos.

Not that I am against digital photography. I do not want to go back to the times where you printed your reel of film and all you got were 24 photos of rubbish.
The beauty of digital photography is you can be selective. Choose your most favourite moments and memories and display them where you can see them every day. I recently received some old photos of me when I was a child from my dad. Honestly they look like I grew up in a history book! You can tell we had no central heating by the thickness of my wool jumper.
These photos are cherished and are so sweet when framed with pics of my boys. Its so nice to see the resemblance between me and my boys, as so many people say they look like my husband.
This multi photo frame from Windsor Browne was the perfect way to display my treasured memories. I love the shabby chic look of it and the colours compliment, my choice of black and white and colour photos so well.
School photos, weddings, simple everyday scenes that capture the sweetness of a moment. Choose to print and display them so you can enjoy them everyday.

With multiple frames it’s so easy to pick a theme or a special event and share it with the world. 
I was sent the multiform from Windsor Browne in exchange for my honest review. To view my advertising and disclosure policy click here.

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  1. I order prints of my photos every month. it is so important to remember and not leave things to be lost on digital
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