100 hashtags for creative bloggers

I’ve being hearing a lot recently on twitter about how engagement is really low on Instagram and lots of people are struggling to keep or gain new followers. At the moment I can’t agree. I have been working really hard to grow my following and I think it’s down to me upping my game with my hashtag use.

I’ve been setting myself Instagram goals in my monthly stats roundups and this month I set myself the task of getting to 1000 followers. Not a big ask, some of you may think but until recently I had really struggled to gain any new followers.
Since I started noting my stats my followers have grown from
781 followers in March
803 followers in April
977 followers in May
and I’ve already smashed my target for June by hitting 1041 when I checked this morning. That’s a gain of 260 new followers in three months.

You may not be all about the numbers game but for me, with wanting to make more income from my blogging you do have to try and increase your followers.

So that’s when I started to focus on my hashtag use. I have three main areas that I cover on my blog and in my Instagram feed. Crafts, Lifestyle and Parenting. So I thought it would be helpful to break it down into three posts with a stronger focus on each of these three areas.

In my 100 hashtags for creative bloggers I have covered, general crafts, art and design, sewing, fabric design and paper crafts. These are my main interests in the creative world and should hopefully offer you some new hashtag choices. Obviously the more niche your creative pursuits are there will be a whole host of hashtags just for them but the general crafts ones should be helpful to all creative bloggers.

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29 Replies to “100 hashtags for creative bloggers”

  1. I have a list of parenting insta-communities stored on my phone but sometimes I just make stuff up – there is a hashtag for EVERYTHING! Adding random ones in every now and again expands your audience a little right? And if in doubt just go for ig_[insert subject here] or [subject]ofinstagram.

    This is a great list – I've pinned it over on the #coolmumclub craft board! Thanks for linking

  2. These are great hashtags! I'm not into the crafting niche (though I may have the odd post about crafts) but your list is still inspiring. Good for you to keep your followers growing!

    1. Ha!! That's a good idea, it's to know what to use sometimes! I find if I click on one it comes up with some similar ones at the top which is helpful, just started doing this. Thanks for linking up to #blogtipslinky 😀

  3. Hashtags are so important for gaining followers! This is a fab list, even though I don't craft I'll definitely be taking a few from here. Thanks for sharing 🙂 #coolmumclub

  4. I normally just pick & choose hashtags that I think are relevant to my post, but recently I started using a few community ones and I did definitely see an increase. I always like to read which tags others find good, but I can never remember them at the time.

  5. fantastic resource. you inspire me to start up Instagram again! I gave up with it only a few months after I started up blogging. I just couldn't be bothered and wanted to focus on twitter & Facebook, but I've been thinking about starting it up again… #blogtipslinky

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