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This is a review post for Craft Yourself Silly*

Are you in need of some ideas to keep the kids occupied though the summer holidays? My youngest who is four is still quite easily amused, give him the paddling pool and he’ll stay in it all summer given the chance. My eldest who is eight is quite different and once the allotted half and hour of screen time is up, I can often hear his lament of boredom echoing around the house.

So when we were asked to try out these new Buttoon-ies craft kits made by Craft Yourself Silly I thought they would be perfect for my eldest. He loves lego and small world imgenary play and these little characters would be perfect for that.

So we sat down together one afternoon, whilst the youngest was busy watering the garden. (Another one of his favourite summer activities). I must admit I’m glad I did sit with him and not just give him the packs as they are quite tricky to make, even for skilled lego building hands such as his.

If your child has had no experience threading before I would recommend that they have ago trying that skill first as they might find it very frustrating watching the thread bend away from the button hole as my eldest did.

He nearly gave up all together but with some help and a division of the jobs, he read the instructions, sorted the buttons into size order and directed me whilst I did the threading. We soon had our first little character created. Both kids love this little chap and he has since been involved in some great adventures.

So what if he didn’t make it all by himself, I much prefer something we can do together and his sense of achievement in the task was not diminished. He’s looking forward to building some more with me soon. I just need to get some pot plants for the youngest to water!

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I was asked to review these Buttoon-ies in exchange for my honest opinion. You can find out more in my advertising and disclosure policy.

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