Day out at the Royal Three Counties


Thanks to the Royal Three Counties for the tickets.

I think it would be fair to call myself a country girl. Having grown up and living in Herefordshire for nearly all my life. So deep within my heart is a love for all things rural. When I’ve been away I have missed the smells and the sights of the lush green countryside. For most of my childhood there was one rural event that was clearly marked on my calendar as marking the beginning of summer and that was the Royal Three Counties show.

  Day out at the Royal Three Counties
Both myself and my hubby loved visiting the show as children, seeing all the stands, tasting all the foods and meeting all the animals. So we could hardly deprive the kids of something we both had enjoyed so much.
Day out at the Royal Three Counties


A lot has changed since we visited the Royal Three Counties as children. The most significant being that it is now on a weekend rather than mid week. When I was at school, so many children attended the show that the school used to shut for the three days! You’d never have that happen now. There is also a lot more shopping stand than before. However the main attractions for us remain. Tractors, Food and animals!

Day out at the Royal Three Counties
It was a blazing hot show this year and we probably did a lot more sitting around than we have done before. But it gave us chance to picnic and enjoy some of the great spectacles in the main area.Day out at the Royal Three Counties










The farm machinery was a hit with both the boys and we literally had to prise the youngest away from some of them. That night he said he wanted a tractor for Christmas ‘not a toy, a real one with keys please’. I’m not sure Santa will be able to fit that in his sack.

Day out at the Royal Three Counties

Is the royal three counties worth a visit?

I would recommend that you visit the Royal Three Counties at least once. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to get up close to the rural farming community and there is definitely enough to keep you all occupied for the whole day. The only downside for us was that we were defeated by the heat and had to give in after four hours. Back to the car laden with fresh strawberries and cherries and lots of pictures of tractors.
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  1. I agree with you about visiting once. I tend to go once every few years. Actually it's not as good these days as it used to be is it? There used to be lots of free things for kids and much more for them to do and get excited about. We rushed round it this year as we were pushed for time, I'd definitely go again when the girls are older but I'm not loving it as much as I did when I was a child. Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

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