FlyingKids Activity book review

The summer holidays are fast approaching so now is the time to plan how you might tackle the boredom that will soon reach your kids when the screen time runs out or you have a long journey to make. An activity book might just be the perfect solution.

FlyingKids Activity book review

Electronic devices are all well and good but too much screen time is not good. Plus the batteries run out and they are much harder to share. Which can be a big issue in our household. So I’m old schooling it this year, when I hear them tell me they are bored. You may have read before about my love of an activity book. Well we got the opportunity to review another one from FlyingKids and I think it will definitely be a hit this summer.
FlyingKids Activity book review

The simplicity of an activity book.

The beauty of an activity book is that can be shared, spread out on the floor and coloured from both sides. Oldest closely sticking to the correct colours and within the lines. Youngest freestyling it.
FlyingKids Activity book review
Plus they can teach them something. I love to listen to the eldest reading to my youngest facts about the different countries and picking out things especially from Spain where we will head to this summer.
FlyingKids Activity book review
My advice for a less stressed summer. Pack some activity books and pens, whenever you are out and about. Cafes or airports they are a great thing to share with your kids and prevent the boredom moans.
I was sent the FlyingKids Activity book for free in exchange for my honest review. You can read more in my advertising and disclosure policy.
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