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I have to admit I love a tan. I have two looks that my colouring suits. Pale and majestically looking Irish through out the winter months and much more Mediterranean through the summer. In my teenage years I would think nothing of lying out in the gardens baking myself to get the med look. Now I know better and prefer to save my skin and what’s left of my youth and fake it.

I have only ever had one experience with fake tan, up till now and that was when I was probably about 19 and bought the cheapest bottle and could find. Slathering myself in it and waking up the next morning to find myself streaky orange from head to foot. Needless to say I didn’t bare my skin for a week and vowed never to touch the stuff again. Since then I’ve only ever used gradual tan and had relatively little problems with it.

However summer is here and I can’t wait days for my tan to appear, I want it now! So I was so pleased when LA Tanning asked me to review their new tanning mousse.
I will admit I was a little nervous. I read and re-read the instructions and followed everyone to the letter. I loved the exfoliating sower gel with its great scent of lemongrass and it left my skin feeling lovely and soft even my terrible mum knees!

The mousse came out darker than I was expecting and I tentatively started working from head to foot trying to get even coverage. The tanning mitt really helped spread it evenly and also ensured I didn’t get tanned palms! Waiting for five minutes for it to set was probably the worst bit.

When I showered it off, I was so pleased with the result. A lovely light golden tan with no streaks. My only mistake was not getting hubby to do my back and I had one small triangle where I just couldn’t reach that had been missed. But these days I rarely wear anything backless so I’m not worrying.

What do you think.
Here is the before pic

Here is the after photo. I wore the same dress so you could compare. I love my new colour and feel ready for summer.

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I was sent samples from LA Tanning to review in exchange for my honest opinion. You can find out more by reading my advertising and disclosure policy.

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